A group of Chinese dental faculty and students from New York University and Columbia University established a study club with the purpose of education and networking; and to share with each other
experiences at their respective schools. The founders, Dr. Victor Lin, Dr. Andrew Kuo, Dr. Samuel Jung and several others met at the Grace Church on Broadway
near Washington Square.

Dr. Peter Wang led the study club. A formal meeting was held at the Sheraton Hotel In Flushing.

The population of the group began to grow with the influx of Chinese dentists in the Tri-state area. With the increasing number to members, Dr. Samuel Jung,
Dr. Steven Lee, Dr. Daniel Yen, Dr. Henry Chiu, and Dr. Thiem Le discussed  the matter and officially established the Chinese American Dental Association
(CADA) as a registered non-profit  organization.
The mission of our association is to unite the Chinese dentists practicing in the tri-state area as a group. So that we can introduce the importance of oral health to better serve the community. And it also provides networking opportunities and continue education course to improve quality of dental care.
History of CADA



CADA joined the FDI convention in Hong Kong.
From there, we went into China for the first China visit.

When the new millennium began, the term of presidency was changed to two years instead of one.

CADA ventured on an educational trip to Taiwan with the Deans of NYU and Columbia University to join a FIDC
meeting. With sixty four members present, we were the largest group there. At this trip, NYU renewed a contract with  National Yangming University School of  Dentistry as sister schools. After Taiwan, we went to China to visit Beijing University, Shanghai second Medical Hospital, School of Dentistry where NYU signed a contract with them designating affiliation.

CADA once again ventured out to Xian, China. We visited the Xian Military Dental School. Since then, it has been a tradition for CADA to organize the educational tour every other year.
2013  CADA became affiliate with CAIPA, Chinese American Independent Patrice Association.




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