2015 Executive Committee

Dr. Sally Ruohong Jiang - 蔣若虹

President Elect / Secretary:
Dr. Glenn H. Ngan - 顏浩然

Dr. Dennis Lee - 李漢源

Dr. Mai Lin Mimi Lai - 賴美玲
Continued Education Committee
Dr. Hsiao Chen - 陳曉蓁
Dr. Daniel Chow - 周偉強
Dr. Spencer Feng - 溤希麟
Dr. Cornelius Yen - 嚴立森
Dr. Jeffrey P. Ziar* - 謝宇鵬
Insurance Committee
Dr. Kenny Ho - 何嘉庭
Dr. Kenneth Liao - 廖敬興
Dr. Tim Shu - 舒小泉
Dr. Ivy Wang - 王向誼
Dr. Darryl Wu* - 伍 偉
Dr. Jane Yang - 楊 健
Dr. Wen Xia Zhou - 周文霞
Nomination & Membership Committee
Dr. Shiuann Rong Chen - 陳絢容
Dr. Henry Chiu* - 趙川接
Dr. To Yei Choy - 蔡杜野
Dr. Samuel T. Jung  - 戎天賜
Dr. Yon H. Lai - 賴榮欽
Outreach Committee
Dr. Grace Lee - 李慧倩
Dr. Grace Yi-Ying Su* - 蘇逸瑛
Dr. Richard Yang  - 楊 廉
Event Committee
Dr. Eric Huang* - 黃敏
Dr. Raymond Lei Huang - 黃 磊
Dr. Kai Mai  - 麥凱丹
Website Committee
Dr. Samuel T. Jung - 戎天賜
Columbia Student Advisor
Dr. Shiuann Rong Chen - 陳絢容
Dr. Dennis Lee - 李漢源
NYU Student Advisor
Dr. Grace Lee - 李慧倩
Dr. Grace Yi-Ying Su - 蘇逸瑛

*Indicated Chair of the Committee
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